Upcoming Tiktok star, Antonio Beamon speaks on going viral and becoming a gamer.

I sat down with upcoming content creator, Antonio Beamon, who is best known for his Tik Tok videos. He recently went viral for the first time after a month on the app.

What got you started in content creation?

AB: “Mostly being bored at home with plenty of time on my hands. I’ve always wanted to make and create videos I’ve done it since I was about 13 or 14 with my cousins. Something I’ve always been into really but just the first time I’m doing it myself .”

What is your process when it comes to creating your tik tok videos?

AB: “My thinking process as far as right now I just make what I see and just put my own spin onto it. I pretty much just get a topic, then make it myself but different. Lol, I just started so I’m still learning how to use it. But when I learn it, It will be 10x more fun. I’m just doing what everyone else is doing right now to gain a following but there is one guy that Influences me on there that I get all most of my content from.”

You had your first viral video on TikTok with 194k views 13 days after you joined the platform. How was that feeling and how did you find out?

AB: “Wow, that feeling was great I actually felt kinda great that day. I was at home and just heard my phone kept going off and saw that it was tiktok. I was Like wow cause I actually got the idea from someone else and it was crazy that mine blew up. But I gave him credit so it’s all good. It was a blast. I was showing everyone I could that my video blew up. “

Do you ever plan to take your hilarious content creation to YouTube?

AB: “YouTube has always been my goal to reach. What’s mostly stopping me now from moving my content and just expressing myself on there is that I just don’t know all the computer stuff. Instagram and TikTok is simple enough(as far as editing and whatnot).”

Do you ever have times of doubt when it comes to creating content and how do you fight that?

AB: “Yes, plenty. All the time actually. I never really know what to make until I’m making it haha. That goes back to me just scrolling through TikTok until something comes up or until I find an idea if I don’t have one already. “

Aside from Tik Tok, Antonio is gearing up to start a gaming career using the Facebook platform.

“I grew up playing ps4 with my cousins but when I got my own console for the first time it was an Xbox and I loved it!”

Would you be up to competing this year?

AB: “Big fat YESS!!”

What other forms of content do you want to get into?

AB: “I mostly like what I’m doing. I haven’t really thought of anything else.. what else is there .”

Do you have any cool content coming up that supporters should know about?

AB: “Hmmm nothing too exciting but yeah I think I got a few things in mind lol I think k I learned enough to keep things entertaining but as of right now I’ll be dancing but I’m trying to start doing comedy.”

What is some advice for a new content creator and/or gamer?

AB: “I guess mostly, don’t Procrastinate. If your gonna do it, do it head-on. Easier said than done though. I need to be saying it to myself .”

You can find Antonio on Instagram and TikTok @b_time41 for more content and updates on his live streams and gaming videos.

Written and photography by Ella Audrey Rae

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