October 19, 2021

TOUR RESCHEDULED: The Weeknd aims for a bigger tour next summer.

Ella Rae

The Weeknd’s ‘After Hour’ tour, set to start this year has been once again rescheduled to start during summer 2022. Instead of current ticketholders being moved to the new tour, they will be refunded and asked to purchase tickets to the new stadium tour next year.

With the announcement, he released the trailer for the tour which included a snippet of what seemed to be two new songs from the dawn era meshed together. Talk about a teaser!

This announcement comes during the season of the release of his new album ‘ Till Dawn’. It currently has no release date and has one single titled, ‘Take My Breath’ currently out. With the announcement, he cites the movement to” constraints of arenas and the demand for more shows”. Because of this, he has chosen to dedicate the tour to a stadium. By doing this, he will level up the tour even more making it highly worth the wait.

Current ticket holders will be given a refund and have first access to purchase new tickets to this extended and expanded tour. Tickets do not currently have an on-sale date but refunds have been issued.

Many fans are upset with the rescheduling for the third time which I understand. I too bought tickets two years ago for the tour for my first-weekend show and of course, I am sad that I have to wait six more months to go but If he can level up the show for the money I pay, I’ll wait for a better show. Who doesn’t want a better show? It will most likley be one of the best shows I’ll be at in my life.

What are your thoughts?

With love,
Ella Rae
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