August 21, 2020

The Hollow Men shares his experience with depression in new single, ‘Silence’

Ella Rae

Swedish singer-songwriter Dennis Sjöström, also known as The Hollow Men, returns with new single ‘Silence’. The track is a beautiful story of a man searching for a breakthrough. It features an intimate guitar melody with dynamic drums that create a powerful journey for the listener. His vocals are so intense with emotion that you can feel it like the feelings are your own. I love the calming element that is inserted in the track even though he is letting go of all this emotion it seems by the end of the song there is a light.

After dealing with depression for the past few years, Dennis wrote the song about feeling lost and the loneliness of not fitting in, while also growing older and searching for a meaning in life. ‘Silence’ is the follow-up to 2018 singles ‘Speak’ and ‘It’s Alright’, which have over 1.2 million combined Spotify streams. It’s also the first time that Dennis has single-handedly written, played and produced all instruments.

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Ella Rae
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