August 12, 2020

Suzy V releases new single, ‘Lola’

Ella Rae

Dutch/Sicilian singer, Suzy V shares a new single titled, ‘Lola’. The r&B track has such a burlesque type of vibe with it’s melody. It’s like a retro mix with a modern touch of infectious jazz instrumentals and amazing vocals. The way she tells the story, really makes you want to know the outcome.

It is is a song Suzy V wrote out of guilt: ”I had a relationship with a guy I knew had a girlfriend. In addition, I also knew that I was not the only one he had beside her. It is actually a cynical warning to her, in which I try to teach her a lesson, while I knew all too well that I was not acting well either. ” This is the first single from her upcoming EP. Be sure to give it a listen and add your feedback below.

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Ella Rae
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