August 14, 2020

Soul Pacific says we need a ‘Change’ in new powerful single.

Ella Rae

Soul Pacific releases a heartwarming new single we all need right now titled, ‘Change’. The track is heartwarming and touches your soul with the cry for help heard in the lyrics. He really digs deep into what many people are thinking during these tough times. The track has an amazing folk guitar melody infused with pop/rock melodies. His vocals are light and sound comforting like a nice hug.

“Our society has gone through a tremendous amount of pain and stress but it has also allowed time for self-reflection. We’re constantly running towards success “traveling towards the light”, it is extremely easy to forget how to “breathe” (feel) / or “dream” (create). This song brings hope and optimism while giving for every human to a chance to recommit resilience and change for a better world.”, he explains. We do need things to change and he hits the nail on the head with this one.

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With love,
Ella Rae
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