June 5, 2020

Oaklnd releases new single, “Just Friends”

Ella Rae

Oaklnd has released a fantastic new track titled, “Just Friends” I like the beat in this track, it keeps your attention. The vocals are smooth and soulful. I really enjoyed the drums and keyboard they complimented the vocals so well. I can dance to this or just chill and listen.

OAKLND’s debut single, released in November 2017 was championed by Amazing Radio DJ’s Jim Gellatly, Charlie Ashcroft and Shell Zenner and received backing from industry taste-makers such as CLASH and Tenement TV. Described by CLASH as “Fusing chillwave with R&B, each song feels like an introverted journey through the west coast, the sound of an outsider looking in.”

OAKLND’s 2nd single “LYF”, was featured in Jim Gellatly’s column in The Scottish Sun and described as “the perfect crossover, combining the best elements of indie and electro-pop.”Great project. Be sure to check this out above and please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.


With love,
Ella Rae
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