August 11, 2020

Liana Gabel shares a touching store in new single, ‘After the Bomb’

Ella Rae

Liana Gabel is helping to share a young girl’s story in her new folk single, ‘After the Bomb’. The single tells the story of Tomiko Morimoto West.

According to her press release, In the summer of 2018, Liana heard atomic bomb survivor Tomiko Morimoto West speak at the Bon-Odori Dance Festival for Peace in Kingston NY. Tomiko San’s story was potent and heartbreaking. From her personal account of the bombing of Hiroshima came the song “After the Bomb.” Liana has spent the past few years trying to connect directly with Tomiko San. On Thursday 7/23, with the help of her friend Youko Yamamoto, Liana finally had the opportunity to share the recording with Tomiko San, to speak with her about the song and receive her blessing for the release.

The track is emotional and contains sounds that react the event in the background. The story told through the lyrics are touching and you can hear the pain she sings in each note sung. She creates an intimate atmosphere for the listener like shes right there in front of you telling you this story. She’s allowing a young women’s voice to be heard through her own platform and for that, this song is absolutely beautiful

It was recorded and arranged by Josh Netsky, front man of the psychedelic rock band Maybird. Josh took the song and elevated it, playing all instruments beyond voice/guitar and providing a modern sonic landscape for Tomika San’s devastating story.

Liana advises “This is NOT a pop song. “After the Bomb” is a song you listen to once or twice to carry with you on your path if you choose. It is important for us to hear the voices of our elders in these confusing times. Our elders want to know that we are listening.”

She has spent the last 5 years on and off the road. In addition fronting  The Liana Gabel band, Liana has appeared in a steady stream of projects—from the jazz quintet Liana and the Michaels, to an EP of songs with songwriter Oscar Bilger of the Colorines, to her role as a tap dancer with Artists Alliance against Violence, and with bands Los Doggies and Blue Museum. Independently, Liana has released two full length albums: Rest and Heal in 2013, and Go Outside in 2017. Please help this song reach it’s full potential and share it with your friends. Spread peace. Be sure to add this track

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