September 14, 2020

Jackson Dollinger Hits Us With Another Electrifying Single Off Of His EP Titled “Social Isolation”

Ella Rae

Producer, Singer and Songwriter, Jackson Dollinger is one of the most promising young Artists on the scene today.  After his well-received debut single, “I’m Yours,” the singer is dropping his sophomore release, “Reflection.”   This song marks yet another milestone for Jackson, with its electro-acoustic trap vibes. The track kicks off with some lush acoustic guitar patterns and it later develops into a modern trap beat. Jackson’s vocals are melodic and expertly layered, not only showcasing his skills on the mic,  but also his ability to craft some beautifully arranged vocal sections for his tracks!

The young actor already stars in the popular Disney Channel Original Series, “Sydney to the Max”, in its third season.  Building off of that success and expanding his horizon’s even further, Jackson recently released the pop single “I’m Yours.”   The excitement surrounding his jump into music is high and rising! “I’m the producer, singer, and songwriter of ‘I’m Yours’ which is my debut song,” commented the clearly passionate star. “Music is my passion and I look forward to releasing several new singles in the coming months!”

Jackson has also done voiceover work, like on the Disney animated series “Puppy Dog Pals” where he plays Charlie, on stage (including a role in “John as the Father”), and has been featured in many commercials for top products, companies and brands. Expect the near future to see more of Jackson as Young Sydney on “Sydney to the Max” as he continues to share his music with the world.

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