A powerhouse creator with a heart of gold for black history, Taylor Cassidy has redefined the meaning of being a Tik Tok creator

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Written by Ella Audrey Rae

Video sharing app, Tik Tok has become one of the world’s biggest apps to date, helping to create life-changing creators and influencers like 18-year-old, Taylor Cassidy. She started her career in November 2019 just for fun before realizing that she could do much more within the platform to change the dynamic. She started creating content that uplifted others and brought the REAL black history to light for the younger generation. Today she has more than 2.1 million followers on the platform and wow audiences with her ongoing series “Fast Black History” and “Black Girl Magic Minute.

WERE YOU ALWAYS A BIG SOCIAL MEDIA PERSON OR WERE YOU NOT INTO THAT KIND OF THING? “I’ve always loved the way social media connects me to many different worlds. Since middle school, I’ve loved watching content creators be themselves and unleash their creativity for a living. It always makes me dream larger for myself.”

DO YOU THINK THE RISE OF SOCIAL MEDIA HAS HELPED OR HINDERED OUR SOCIETY? “For the most part, although my opinion may be unpopular, social media has deeply impacted the way we confront social issues and incite change. I’ve seen so many laws and call for action be amplified because of a Twitter thread or Instagram hashtag. It speaks volumes to the power one post has in creating a domino effect.”

YOU OFTEN SPEAK A LOT ABOUT AMAZING BLACK WOMEN IN MEDIA & SOCIETY. WHY DO YOU THINK OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS ARE OFTEN OVERLOOKED? “Blackness traditionally isn’t the standard in our society. Because of this our talents, the innovation we create, and our creativity is taken and donned a new face to make it more digestible for the masses. I use my videos to talk about not only Black women, but all POC to reclaim our creativity in our own narrative.”

DO YOU FEEL LIKE CONTENT CREATORS OF COLOR ARE OFTEN OVERLOOKED ON PLATFORMS SUCH AS TIKTOK? “Absolutely. Countless trends and dances created by POC have made their way to the mainstream influencing commercials, Superbowl ads, and late-night talk show appearances. However, instead of the POC creator being at the forefront, a more popular white creator is given visibility and the paycheck.”

DO YOU THINK INITIATIVES LIKE YOUTUBE BLACK OR TIKTOK BLACK FIXES THAT OVERLOOKED ISSUES ON THEIR PLATFORMS? “I think these programs do a great job at addressing the problem on their apps individually, but I think it’s up to entertainment as a whole to fix the system of underrepresentation and misrepresentation in the media.”

HOW CAN THESE PLATFORMS DO BETTER? Give creators their flowers. It’s amazing to have “Black creator” and “POC creator” initiatives, but at the end of the day, POC creators don’t want to be boxed in. If a challenge or song becomes popular, normalize giving credit and opportunity to the creator instead of using a more “brandable” face.”


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SOME OF YOUR VIRAL VIDEOS ARE YOU JUST BEING SOMEONE WHO IS WATCHES HYPE MAN. I absolutely LOVE IT. WHERE DID THAT CONTENT CONCEPT COME FROM? In High School, I would post Instagram stories talking about positivity and self-love to hype myself up for the day. They didn’t have the intention to go viral. I started filming them a year or two before I started Tik Tok. They were a gift to me each day as I learned how to keep a positive mindset.”

YOU ARE ONE OF THE FEW ON THE APP THAT CREATES CONTENT THAT NOT ONLY EDUCATES US BUT UPLIFTS US AS WELL. WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE YOU DIDN’T WANT TO BE THE TYPICAL INFLUENCER? I don’t know how to be normal. That’s not in my DNA. I only know how to be me, so when I started social media I didn’t feel the need to follow another content creator’s blueprint. It wasn’t a decision, but rather a resolve to never

“As long as you pour love into the spirit, your roots will remain”

Taylor Cassidy

WHAT HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST LESSON YOU HAVE LEARNED BY BECOMING AN INFLUENCER? The most valuable thing I’ve learned so far, and my journey still has a long way to go is the audacity to try. Being a growing content creator I’ve been challenged to set fear aside in experimenting with ideas and subject matter and I’ve dared myself to take that audacity into my own life. This past year, I’ve discovered a tenacity in myself to stop consulting fear for my future. I can credit some of that discovery to my journey on social media.”

HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY HIGH IN HARD TIMES? “I think there’s a misconception about people with positive mindsets always being high energy no matter what the situation. That’s simply not the case. Positivity is a consistent practice rather than a feeling. It’s always seeing possibility in life even when you’re not fully ready to take action. When hard times come, I’ve learned to allow myself grief; It’s still a form of love. In those hard times, I turn to my consistent practice of journaling, prayer, conversation, and possibility.”

YOU OFTEN TALK ABOUT HOW YOU HAD BLACK HISTORY TAUGHT TO YOU ALL YOUR CHILDHOOD BY YOUR PARENTS. DO YOU THINK SCHOOLS DO BLACK HISTORY EDUCATION JUSTICE? AND HOW COULD THEY IMPROVE? “The reason I’ve learned a majority of my Black History from my own family. is because the education system has a lack. In elementary school, the only Black History we covered during the 1800s was two dark-colored pages on slavery. For the vast amount of foundation building and revolutionizing Black people have done to and for this country, the education system should be ready to fluidly incorporate it in every unit rather than a ten-minute lesson.”

YOU ARE A RAY OF SUNSHINE IN MANY PEOPLE’S LIVES WHO LOOK FOR YOUR VIDEOS TO UPLIFT THEM. WHO IS YOUR OR WAS YOUR ‘TAYLOR CASSIDY”? “My Mom has always been ready to give me wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement. I know that no matter where I am, she’ll be ready to give advice and lend an ear to listen. In our hardest moments, she’s always pointed to respond with love.”

I READ THAT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD KEEPS YOU ROOTED IN THINGS OF SUBSTANCE AND NOT MATERIAL THINGS. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE TO OTHER UPCOMING CREATORS ON STAYING ROOTED AS WELL? “Without foundation, one can’t stand. My advice to other creators is to remember that while you are on social media, you are not social media. My relationship with God reminds me that the purpose I’ve been given cannot be boxed into Instagram or TikTok. While I can use them as tools, they are not the destination. As long as you pour love into the spirit, your roots will remain. Social media, the hottest clothing, and the number of followers will always fade away, but the spirit always remains.”

WHAT WAS THE MOMENT IN YOUR CAREER THAT MADE YOU FEEL LIKE, “OKAY THIS IS MY CALLING AND I NEED TO KEEP GOING”. “My moment was on a small stage at the TikTok Black History Summit in 2020. I had just shared my goals for the platform and beyond in front of new creator friends and others I had watched for years. I ended with saying, “I will revolutionize because I am Black History.” That moment of saying aloud the words I heard faintly humming in my heart for months solidified my passion for creating.”

“Positivity is a consistent practice rather than a feeling. It’s always seeing possibility in life even when you’re not fully ready to take action.”

Taylor Cassidy

YOU ARE VERY HONEST AS WELL WITH YOUR VIDEOS, WHY DO YOU THINK BEING VULNERABLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS IMPORTANT? “Social media is often a very fake place. It’s no surprise now to see artificial things on your timeline. For me, being vulnerable is where truth is seen. By coming to my content open and authentic, I retain ownership over it. For my audience, I think it’s a breath of fresh air for them.”

BEING AN INFLUENCER ON AN APP LIKE TIK TOK CAN MENTALLY DRAIN A PERSON. AT WHAT MOMENT DO YOU SENSE, “OKAY IT’S TIME TO TAKE A BREAK” AND WHAT DO YOU DO DURING THAT BREAK TO REFOCUS? “I’ve learned that it’s time to set the phone down when I start feeling a need to gain happiness from it. When I find myself endlessly scrolling, often it’s because I am searching for a feeling. I’ve recently started to practice turning my phone off more often to recognize that those feelings and desires are experienced offline.”

YOU SEEM LIKE YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND YOU STAND FIRM IN THAT TRUTH, HOW DID YOU GET TO THAT POINT IN YOUR LIFE? “I think a big part of discovering who I am was recognized early that life isn’t about destinations. I’ve learned that in challenging the standards I set for myself in how I treat others, how I listen and observe, and how I grow, I can be content in my own steady and continuous journey.”

WHAT KIND OF CONTENT DO YOU WANT TO CREATE IN THE UPCOMING FUTURE? “I’ve just launched my new series, Black Girl Magic Minute, a YouTube show uplifting Black creatives that I am beyond excited about. In the future, I see myself hosting a Podcast, diving into acting and the film industry, and continuing to keep creating magic.”

In conclusion, Taylor was one of my dream interviews and she is such a light that the creator space was missing. Her ability to not only inspire but educate is such a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait to see where she takes us next.

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