June 29, 2020

Emma Beko and Karelle Tremblay collab on new single, “ALMA”

Ella Rae

Independent Canadian Latina rapper, Emma Beko is here with her third release, ‘ALMA’ featuring Karelle Tremblay” She put rapping aside on this one and wrote a love song to her sister who she just met 2 years ago. This is a heart warming song and it is a pleasure to hear it. The music is deep and heavy with bass and great lyrics. Her vocals have this raspy and chill vibe.

Speaking on the track, ‘I wrote this song as a love song to my 4 year old sister, who I only got to meet when she was 2 years old. As soon as I saw her I felt love like I had never felt before, the strongest most unconditional love. As we got to know each other it was clear that she adored me as well, but she was dealing with her “new” sister in her own way. She entered a phase where she would act like she didn’t like me, maybe because she was mad that I hadn’t been present since day one, but who knows!

She continues, “It was breaking my heart and I had to remind myself that she was just a child and that she didn’t understand her actions were hurtful and I just had to keep strong and keep showing her love, make sure she knew I’d always be there for her. That’s when I wrote this song. Around the same time an uncle of mine died from lung cancer, I had gained a new member of my family and lost one which I thought was interesting. My uncle was a poet and so I added a few lines in there in his memory.’

Just check out this beautiful song and enjoy, then please share your thoughts below. Add this to your playlist today.

With love,
Ella Rae
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